Oldouz Payan

Oldouz Payan

Why I chose to study a PhD at the University of Leeds

The interaction and momentum exchange between soil and water in a particulate size has always fascinated me, so in order to answer my questions on this, I chose to do this specific research degree on sediment transport in rivers.

The University of Leeds is one of the leading universities in the UK in regards to its research reputation. The city also played a major role in my choice as it's a very lively city with lots going on.

About my research

My research focuses on the fundamentals of the physics, and more specifically is based on Newton's 2nd law. I am simulating a part of a river numerically; using a commercial software and also in house code, trying to find the answer to a very broad question: How the most complex phenomena, turbulence in rivers, (small and large eddies at the river bed where there are dunes and ripples formed), influence the transport of sediments, and vice versa.

Activities outside of my studies

I do demonstrations in the Civil Engineering department at Leeds where I help undergraduate students with their AutoCAD/Revit Architecture/Revit Structure software skills. I also enjoy swimming as well as a lot of socialising/walking with friends. Finally I have a part-time job in the retail sector in Leeds city centre.

My ambitions for the future

I plan to stay in academia and carry on doing my research and in the future move to industry where I can see the applications of my research.

My advice to prospective students

It is a promising and self motivating thing to do. More importantly a lot of unknown skills will be developed by going through this route which can be used in every single aspect in life.