Kathryn Harback studied MNatSc Natural Sciences at the University of Leeds

Kathryn Harbach

Why did you choose the University of Leeds? 

The Natural Sciences course offered at Leeds was far better than any other universities I went to look at. The option to study for a year abroad was really appealing and the Students' Union is one of the best in the country too.

Why did you choose to study Natural Sciences?

It's an interdisciplinary degree that provides many versatile options and allows me to study a range of science.

What do you like most about your course?

It's quite a small course, so you get to know your coursemates really well. It makes you more able to understand topics because you have a foundation knowledge in such a wide range.

What skills have you gained from your course so far?

Definitely time management skills!

Can you describe what student life at Leeds is like?

Most days you will be attending lectures and going into the laboratories. Then you'll spend time outside of uni completing work as well as socialising with your friends, flatmates and with societies you're in.

What were you most worried about being arriving at University?

I was scared that the course would be difficult and that I'd struggle making friends. I think everyone feels that at the beginning, so you're all in the same boat.

What are you planning to do at the end of your course?

I'm thinking about doing a PhD, but I'm not certain yet.

What do you do outside of your studies?

I volunteer with the Leeds RAG society. Last year I had the chance to go to Thailand which was an incredible experience and I'd recommend it to everyone.