Jake Alen

Jake Alen

Which different subjects are you doing within the field of natural sciences?
I study Chemistry, Maths and Physics.

Why did you choose Natural Sciences?
I chose Natural Sciences as I wasn’t sure which science I wanted to carry on studying and it allowed me to carry on the three subjects I had taken for A-Level and really enjoyed.

What do you enjoy most about studying Natural Sciences?
I like the way I can still keep a broad depth of understanding and interest in wider areas of science and can tie in and apply the things I learn in one subject to another.

How is studying at school different to studying at university?
You need to be a lot more independent as you won’t have people pushing you to meet deadlines etc. it’s all up to you. But there’s also a lot more depth and you can read up and around your subjects far easier.

What level of support have you had from staff?
We get quite a bit of support from staff, there are plenty of tutorials and meetings with your Tutors where you can talk about issues and problems, and they’re all happy to help, academic or otherwise.

How are you enjoying student life at Leeds?
I’m loving Leeds. The campus is really good, as are the facilities and the Union, but it’s great that it’s so close to the city centre, there’s so much to do.

Do you think joining a society is a good way to meet people?
Definitely. The best thing to do is to get involved where you can or do things you enjoy and you’ll meet lots of new people.

What are you planning to do at the end of your course?
This is something I’ve been unsure about, but there have been some lectures on where the degree can take you and the options available that have helped, I know I’d like to continue in a science based area though. I’d really like to do the Industrial Placement in the third year and see what it’s like to apply the things I am learning; hopefully this would provide some direction as well.

What would you say to someone thinking of applying to Natural Sciences at Leeds?
Leeds is awesome and Natural Sciences is a really good course, but it is a challenge as well. I’d say just to choose the subjects you enjoy, be prepared to work hard and you’ll love it.