We are committed to sharing our facilities and associated expertise with external academic and industrial collaborators. To discuss your requirements, please contact the staff listed on the pages below.

Facility title Overview
Diamond Leeds SAXS Facility The tailored instrument for high-resolving X-ray scattering experiments offers open access to Leeds and other UK-users around the year for the nanostructural fine-analysis of complex soft matter, polymers, bio-materials and advanced solid materials.
Leeds electron microscopy and spectroscopy centre A leading research centre in microscopic and spectroscopic materials characterisation techniques.
Leeds Nanotechnology Cleanroom The 800 m2 Leeds Nanotechnology Cleanroom offers a broad range of fabrication capabilities, including: Photo- and electron beam- lithography, contact and non-contact metrology, physical and chemical vapour deposition, dry etch and deposition, wafer and device bonding, and annealing capabilities, in addition to test, packaging and post-processing.
Nanoscience and nanotechnology facility This facility is for the characterisation analysis of soft matter systems such as hybrid organic/inorganic system.
Particle and materials characterisation Analytical facilities for characterisation of particles, powders, slurries, suspensions, emulsions and solutions.
School of Chemical and Process Engineering An <a href="http://eps.leeds.ac.uk/chemical-engineering-research-innovation/doc/research-facilities">overview of the facilities</a> available within the School of Chemical and Process Engineering.
Versatile x-ray spectroscopy facility Environmental XPS, NAP XPS, APPES with the SPECS EnviroESCA for characterisation of materials including solids, liquids and gases under 'natural' conditions.
X-ray diffraction facility The x-ray diffraction facility is a part of the Bragg Centre for Materials Research.<br><br>Located in the fittingly named Bragg Building, after Sir William Henry Bragg and Lawrence Bragg who won the 1915 Nobel Prize for ‘their services in the analysis of crystal structure by means of X-rays’ whilst Sir William Henry Bragg was a Professor at Leeds between 1909-1915.