Professor Frans Muller

Professor Frans Muller

Research interests

As a chemical engineer most aspects of manufacturing chemicals and products interest me. I am building a group working on chemical processing which initially will focus on the scale-up of continuous flow chemistry, mechanistic modelling and simulation, and the interaction between process and equipment. There are three key themes to my work:

  1. Phenomena
    Mixing, Multi Phase reactions, Unit Processes
    Nucleation, Solidification, Yields stress, Thixotropic fluids
    Flow Field Validation
  2. Modelling
    Mechanistic, Kinetics
    CFD, LES for Flow, 3D Mechanistic
    Development and Scale up workflows and risk assessment
  3. Process Technology
    Flow Chemistry, Slow Flow Reactors
    Work up, Process driven scale-up, Plug and Produce

The work is supported by the Leeds transformation Fund

Research groups and institutes

  • Applied Photon Science
  • Sustainable Low Carbon Futures
  • Complex Systems and Processes