Dr. George Heath


PhD and MPhys in Physics (University of Leeds). Postdoctoral work at Weill Cornell Medicine (New York, NY, USA, 2017-2019) and the School of Biomedical Sciences (University of Leeds, 2015-2017). University Academic Fellow at University of Leeds since 2019.

Research interests

My research interests are focused on developing techniques to study the structure and dynamics of biomolecules at previously inaccessible time and spatial resolutions. In doing this we aim use physics and physical tools to better understand biological processes related to health and disease.

Research groups and institutes

  • Molecular and Nanoscale Physics
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    <li><a href="//phd.leeds.ac.uk/project/836-pushing-the-speed-limits-of-high-speed-atomic-force-microscopy">Pushing the Speed Limits of High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy</a></li> <li><a href="//phd.leeds.ac.uk/project/433-seeing-photosynthesis-at-the-nanoscale:-mapping-physical-properties-of-light-harvesting-biomembranes-by-high-resolution-microscopy-and-spectroscopy">Seeing photosynthesis at the nanoscale: mapping physical properties of light-harvesting biomembranes by high-resolution microscopy and spectroscopy</a></li>