Amir Rahmani

Amir Rahmani


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Amir is a physicist with a background in optics. His current research interests include developing a fast and single-molecule sensitive fluorescent-activated cell sorting (smFACS) technique employing high-resolution oblique plane microscopy. In addition, Amir has a keen interest in single-molecule localization microscopy, with a particular focus on investigating the dynamic properties of protein networks. Prior to commencing his doctorate program at the University of Leeds in 2021, Amir engaged in super-resolution microscopy at various esteemed research institutes worldwide. The following institutes represent a selection of institutions where he has furthered his research endeavours:


  • Trainee at EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany (Supervisor: Jonas Ries)
    • Project: Development of a dual-colour single-molecule localization microscopy system
  • Visiting Student at ICFO, Barcelona, Spain (Supervisor: Stefan Wieser)
    • Project: Optimising the immunostaining protocol for super-resolution microscopy of nuclear lamins


  • Module Assistant: 1st Year Physics Laboratory
  • Module Assistant: 2nd Year Computing

Research interests

Super-Resolution Microscopy, Single-Molecule Localisation Microscopy, Optical Physics, Cell Biophysics

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  • MSc in Physics
  • BSc in Physics

Research groups and institutes

  • Molecular and Nanoscale Physics