Amir Rahmani


I have supplemented my academic qualifications by obtaining internships and doing research in multiple institutes and labs worldwide. I did my undergraduate in Physics in Iran and then joined Ries lab in EMBL (Heidelberg) for my master's project. I implemented a dual-colour single-molecule localisation microscopy system. I worked as a visiting student for 6 months at ICFO (Barcelona) under the supervision of Dr. Stefan Wieser. My project was optimising the immunostaining protocol for super-resolution microscopy of nuclear lamins. Then, I joined the University of Leeds as a postgraduate researcher in the School of Physics and Astronomy and my project is to develop a fast and single-molecule sensitive fluorescent-activated cell sorting system using high-resolution oblique plane microscopy.

Research interests

Super-resolution microscopy, Single-molecule localisation microscopy, Data Analysis, Optical Physics, Immunology

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