Dr Aneesa Ahmad


  • 2022 – present Research Fellow (computation modelling of protoplanetary disk ices) University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
  • 2022 (January) – Post Doctoral Research Associate (code development for the solubility of organic molecules), University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
  • 2017 – 2021 PhD in Quantum Chemistry (theroetical modelling of soil minerals), University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
  • 2013 – 2017 Master of Chemsitry, Mchem (integrated Massters) (Autooxidation reactions of jet fuels), University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK

Research interests

My academic pursuits revolve around the captivating realm of astrochemistry, delving into the intricate interactions between molecules in the vast expanse of space. My interests span various facets of astrophysics and chemistry, encompassing molecular astrophysics, star and planet formation, protoplanetary disks, quantum chemistry, theoretical chemistry, and computational chemistry.

Astrochemistry and Molecular Astrophysics: Exploring the chemical processes occurring in celestial bodies and interstellar environments fascinates me. I investigate the composition, distribution, and reactions of molecules in space, aiming to unravel the fundamental building blocks that contribute to the formation and evolution of stars, planets, and other celestial bodies.

Star and Planet Formation: Understanding the birth of stars and planets is a captivating aspect of my research. I explore the complex interplay of physical and chemical processes that govern the formation of stellar systems, shedding light on the conditions that lead to the creation of planetary bodies.

Protoplanetary Disks: Protoplanetary disks serve as crucibles for planetary formation. My research delves into these swirling disks of gas and dust surrounding young stars, seeking to decipher the chemical intricacies and dynamic processes that shape the birth of planetary systems.

Computational Chemistry and Modeling: The application of computational tools is integral to my research methodology. I utilize advanced computational techniques to simulate and model complex astrophysical and chemical phenomena, enabling a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms that govern these cosmic processes.

In essence, my research endeavors strive to bridge the realms of astrophysics and chemistry, employing a multidisciplinary approach to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos. I am dedicated to contributing novel insights that expand our knowledge of the universe and advance the fields of molecular astrophysics through non-thermal photodesorption and bidning energy invesitgations.

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  • Doctor of Philosophy, PhD
  • Master of Chemistry, MChem