Rob Shenton


I graduated from the University of Leeds in July 2019 with an Integrated Master’s degree in Physics with Astrophysics. During my course I’ve also undertaken a summer search placement with the University.

I spent the third year of my course studying abroad at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

Research interests

In October 2019 I started my PhD in Astrophysics, looking at the formation of Massive Young Stellar Objects (MYSOs), in particular binary and multiple stellar systems. There is much debate about the early lives of these objects and how they come to form multiple systems, and so my research aims to contribute to this field and help further our understanding.

So far I have been using RMS survey images to build a catalog of stellar companions and using the statistics (such as multiplicity and companion fraction, and chance projection probability) to compare to other surveys.


  • MPhys, BSc Physics with Astrophysics (Int)