Eve Shalom


I graduated with an MSci in Physics from the University of Birmingham in the summer of 2019. During this time I worked as a research assistant during summers at the Quadram Institute for Biosciences, and the University of Oxford in the JAI. Currently, I am a PhD Student working under the supervision of Dr. Sven Van Loo in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds. My project is concerned with computational fluid dynamics modelling and the application of this in biological tissue flows.

I am also a part of the OSIPI collaboration, working in taskforce 6.2 on an upcoming DCE-MRI challenge designed to help benchmark current analysis techniques.

Research interests

My project aims to produce an inversion methodology to recover spatiotemporal tracer kinetic parameters. These methodologies are aimed at producing parameter maps from clinical DCE-MRI data. These parameter maps are hoped to be employed to produce metrics for quantitative measurement of spatial variance in liver functionality. The motivation for these metrics is to improve current clinical decisions for liver surgery in patients with pre-existing conditions which negatively affect their liver functionality.

A brief overview of the project includes: the production of forward models to produce ground truth data, development and testing of a suitable inversion method, and application of methods to real data for liver functionality metric design.

Key Interests:

  • Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI)
  • Tracer-Kinetics
  • Inversion Methods
  • Optimisation
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


  • MSci Physics, University of Birmingham (integrated masters)