Joseph Eatson

Joseph Eatson


Hello there, I am an Astrophysics PhD research student, currently studying colliding wind binaries (CWBs), my work is almost exclusively computational, using the mg hydrodynamics code.

Research interests

My primary research topic is colliding wind binaries, which are binary stellar systems with massive stars, typically OB and Wolf-Rayet type, that emit dense stellar winds that collide with high relative velocities. These winds are strongly shocked, generating strong X-ray emission. My thesis currently involves the interactions of interstellar dust in these regions, as the post-shock region typically has a strong cooling function, dust is capable of being created despite the powerful UV emissions from the stars and high temperatures of the collision region. For this, hydrodynamical simulations will be used to model dust creation and destruction, and how it effects the observed spectra of these violent binary systems.


  • Physics with Astrophysics MPhys, BSc