C-Capture wins £40000 of funding

C-Capture, a spin out from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Leeds, was named regional winner at the recent Shell Springboard event in Edinburgh.

After seeing off competition from 140 other businesses across the UK. The company wins a prize of £40,000 and a place in the prestigious national final, to be held in London in March, where they have the opportunity to win a total of £150,000 prize money.

C-Capture is a new ‘clean energy’ technology company, whose goal is to make energy cleaner through decarbonisation and exploitation of renewable fuels, without making it more expensive to the customer.

The team at C-Capture have developed new chemistry and combined it with engineering expertise, to develop innovative technology capable of removing CO2 from different industrial gas streams, from large scale point sources such as power stations, to smaller scale applications such as biogas upgrading. 
C-Capture’s technology is able to separate CO2 from other gases using 50-90% less energy than other approaches. They use a patented solvent system specially formulated to minimise environmental hazards, and are currently conducting trials using a mobile demonstrator unit (see photo) which can separate over a tonne of CO2 per day.

Having previously received funding from the Department for Energy and Climate Change under their prestigious Energy Entrepreneurs programme, and  from IP Group plc, the timing of additional funding from Shell comes at an important time in the development of the company.

Prof. Chris Rayner of C-Capture Ltd said:
“This is well-deserved recognition for all the hard work and ingenuity that the team have shown over the last few years. They have developed some fantastic technology which really has the potential to revolutionise areas such as biogas upgrading and industrial CCS. Shell Springboard is really helping us to move to the next phase of the company’s development - full scale commercialisation of our technology.”

More information about C-Capture can be found at www.c-capture.co.uk

Shell Springboard is a nationwide awards programme for the next breakthrough in low-carbon enterprise. It is part of Shell’s strategy to support bright energy ideas and provide a platform for innovation, collaboration and conversation about the global energy challenge, while helping to create jobs and growth among UK small businesses. Since 2005 Shell Springboard programme has awarded £3.15 million to 98 low-carbon entrepreneurs, who have gone on to create over 250 new jobs and have an annual combined turnover of £60 million. More information about Shell Springboard can be found at www.shellspringboard.org