Poster Prize at CBBG

On 19th May, Leeds chemical biologists attended the annual postgraduate symposium of the RSC Chemical Biology and Bioorganic Group (CBBG) in Nottingham.

Students from the Nelson, Wilson and Bon groups presented posters to showcase Leeds’ exciting research. Aisling Minard’s poster, on chemical tools to study TRPC ion channels, was selected from >60 posters for one of three poster prizes. In addition, Hester Beard gave an excellent talk  on the identification of the molecular target of a small molecule that induces the self-destruction of brain cancer cells.
Both Aisling and Hester work in the group of Dr Robin Bon (LICAMM). Aisling is co-supervised by Dr Stuart Warriner (Chemistry) and Prof. David Beech (LICAMM). Hester is co-supervised by Prof. Andrew Wilson (Chemistry), and her work is a collaboration with the group of Dr Heiko Wurdak (LICAP).