Postdoctoral researchers host Beautiful Science art competition

Chemistry research was celebrated at the recent Beautiful Science art competition, which formed part of the School of Chemistry’s postdoctoral conference.

Staff members and postgraduate researchers in the School submitted works of art that related to chemistry. All media were acceptable, and entries ranged from photographs to sculptures.

The winners were determined by public vote; first place was awarded to Ryan Gonciarz for his image “Chemistry vials from a time gone by”, while Shuheng Zhang’s “Drifting Beauty” and Matthew Balmforth’s “Heart of the Cell” were named runners-up.

An assortment of old chemistry vials from a time gone by.


Chemistry vials from a time gone by by Ryan Gonciarz

Drifting beauty


Drifting Beauty by Shuheng Zhang

A scientific image of a heart of the cell.


Heart of the cell by Matthew Balmforth

Further information

The School of Chemistry postdoctoral conference was sponsored by Merck, Lhasa Limited, Fluorochem, Advion, and Asynt.