Professor Serguei Komissarov

Professor Serguei Komissarov


I am trying to understand complex astrophysical phenomena involving powerful flows propagating with almost the speed of light. Examples include jets from black holes of Active Galactic Nuclei, winds from Neutron Stars, and Gamma Ray Bursts. Physical theory of these phenomena and their computer simulations are my main research areas.

Research interests

When massive stars exhaust their nuclear fuel they die in the most spectacular fashion - their central core collapses either to a superdense ball of only few kilometres in size, neutron stars, or to a black hole. The gravitational energy released during or soon after the collapse drives huge explosions known as Supernovae and Hypernovae.

The life of neutron stars and black holes produced in this way remains most spectacular even after these explosions. In spite of decades of observational and theoretical research many key aspects of black hole/neutron star physics remains unclear and are awaiting for new generations of researches to take on them.

One of the most noticeable advances of recent years has been the development of powerful computational tools that allow invaluable insights to be gained into the phenomena of relativistic astrophysics, via numerical simulations. I am lucky to have being involved in these developments and to keep contributing to this most exciting area of relativistic astrophysics.

Research groups and institutes

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Astrophysical and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics