Matthew Asker

Matthew Asker


I am a PhD student currently working towards obtaining my EPSRC funded PhD in Applied Mathematics titled “Evolution of Populations in Fluctuating Environments”, part of the larger EPSRC-NSF funded project “Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics of Fluctuating Populations”. Prior to this, I completed my undergraduate master’s degree in Theoretical Physics at the University of Manchester.

My research focuses on utilising techniques from non-equilibrium statistical physics to investigate problems concerning the evolutionary dynamics of biological systems.

In my current research, I am considering the interplay between ecological and evolutionary processes in population dynamics scenarios, particularly those concerning the emergence of cooperative behaviour and species coexistence. I use tools from statistical physics, dynamical systems, and evolutionary game theory to investigate how environmental variability coupled to internal fluctuations can impact such systems. These findings are relevant to the global issue of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and the longstanding problem of species diversity.


  • Organiser of the Applied Maths Postgraduate Seminar (2022-23)
  • Joint organiser of the Joint Maths PGR Seminar (2022-23)


  • MATH1005 Core Mathematics Tutor 2022-23 (4 semesters)

Research interests

  • Non-equilibrium statistical physics
  • Eco-evolutionary dynamics
  • Evolutionary game theory
  • Dynamical systems
  • Complex systems


  • MPhys Physics with Theoretical Physics, University of Manchester

Research groups and institutes

  • Mathematical Biology and Medicine
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Complex Systems and Processes