Matthew Asker

Matthew Asker


From October 2021, I have been working towards obtaining my EPSRC funded PhD in Applied Mathematics titled “Evolution of Populations in Fluctuating Environments”, part of the larger EPSRC-NSF funded project “Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics of Fluctuating Populations”. Prior to this, I completed my undergraduate master’s degree in Theoretical Physics at the University of Manchester where my master’s thesis investigated the use of modified percolation in modelling the spread of COVID-19.

In my current research, I am considering the interplay between ecological and evolutionary processes in well-mixed populations of bacteria, and hope to unveil some mechanisms for the promotion of co-operation as a strategy in these systems. These findings are relevant to the global issue of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and so could have implications for the clinical use of antimicrobials.

Research interests

  • Mathematical Biology & Ecology
  • Evolutionary and Population Dynamics
  • Complex Systems


  • MPhys Physics with Theoretical Physics, University of Manchester

Research groups and institutes

  • Mathematical Biology and Medicine
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Complex Systems and Processes