Janet Peifer

Janet Peifer


I completed my BSc in Engineering Physics from Juniata College in 2018. During the course of my study I spend a semester abroad, here at the University of Leeds.

I spent the summer of 2017 conducting biophysics research at the University of Arkansas (NSF sponsored REU program). My reserach focused on the diffusional and rotational motions of bacteria when exposed to DC electric current. 

I also was part of the establishing group of Dr Gu's lab at Juniata College. We worked in Ferrofluids, calculating the capillary force on fluid droplets moving through capillary tubes, for Lab on Chip applications. 

My additonal undergraduate research included water quality testing of Raystown Reservior, and modelling of the Milky Way Galaxy from radio astronomy data in connection with Green Bank Observatory. 

Since October of 2018, I have been studying as a PhD student at the University of Leeds within the School of Mathematics. 


Research interests

The general scope of my PhD research is numerically and experimentally modelling rotating Rayleigh Benard Convection with two-phase change.

I am also personally interested in a broad range of environmental and atmospheric sciences, specificly including climatology, atmospheric convection, and weather modelling, as well as communication at all levels about climate change. 


  • BSc in Engineering Physics from Juniata College (2018)