Polly-Anne Jeffrey

Polly-Anne Jeffrey


I studied my undergraduate degree at the University of Leeds from 2013-2017 in mathematics with particular interest in applied mathematics and statistics. I spent a year in industry during this time working in the medical statistics team at Covance clinical research. I started my PhD in applied mathematical modelling in October 2017 and am currently a member of the mathemtical biology group.

Research interests

My research interests include deterministic and stochastic mathematical modelling, Bayesian statistics and molecular biology. My PhD project invloves modelling cellular molecules which can cause disease in humans. Of particular interest are the interactions between cell surface receptors and other intra- and extra-cellular molecules such as naturally produced ligands. These interactions ultimately lead to the “fate” of cell, where the fate could be proliferation, migration or death. In many diseases, such as different types of cancer, cellular receptors are overexpressed or mutated, causing an increase in cell proliferation, and hence tumour growth. I am collaborating with AstraZeneca with the aim of using mathematical models to learn about such cellular systems and to aid drug development.


  • BSc Mathematics (Industrial)