Anup Anand Singh

Anup Anand Singh

Research interests

Physics and mathematics inspire each other in beautiful ways. It is this interplay between the two that draws me to mathematical physics, the broad area of my doctoral research. More specifically, I work with ideas rooted in the theory of integrability while drawing inspiration (and borrowing tools) from algebra and geometry. An integrable model – characterised by a set of equations that can be solved exactly – is highly symmetrical and has intriguing mathematical structures. And while most integrable theories are only toy models – and not “true” theories describing physical laws – they offer great insights into the fundamental aspects of the principles governing nature.

Under the supervision of Dr. Vincent Caudrelier and Prof. Frank Nijhoff, I am trying to further our understanding of classical integrable theories and develop new methods to study their covariant quantisation. I am particularly interested in tackling the issue of quantising integrable field theories. Much of my work is based in the theory of Lagrangian multiforms, a relatively new framework that captures integrability purely from a variational perspective.


  • Master of Science