Sarah Dawson (MSc Mathematics)

Sarah Dawson

How have you found the Masters so far?

I am loving it! It's quite challenging but I am really enjoying it. I did my undergraduate at Keele University and I chose Leeds because I have a lot of family up here. 

So you arrived here six months ago and how are you finding it living in Leeds?

I really like Leeds. I think that the University has the advantage of having that campus feel when you are here on campus and then also you just walk a few steps and you are in the city. So, you have the best of both worlds really. Although I previously went to a campus university it wasn't in a big city and so I was missing that. When I came to Leeds I realised that there was just so much to do in Uni and outside of Uni, so I am really enjoying it.

How would you describe student life then?

A lot different to undergraduate as the workload is just so much heavier but it's about getting the balance right. So, yes I do enjoy going out with my friends but I also enjoy studying and working hard. 

What about accommodation? How did you sort that out?

I applied for accommodation and I got my first choice which I am really pleased with. I am in Montague Halls which is only about a 10 minute walk from the University. I am really lucky because I have made some really good friends and I live with postgraduates and so it is nice and quiet.

How are you finding the course? Is it what you expected?

My last Uni had a lot more coursework and this is more exam-based which is my preference. I definitely prefer exams. But I am also doing a module which is 100% coursework which is concentrating on my writing skills. So you do get to develop quite a large range of skills and not just maths skills which is good as I struggle with the writing side of things. 

What are you hoping to do with the MSc? Where are you hoping to go from here?

Well originally I applied for a PhD and they suggested doing this first as I had taken a year away from Maths and I am so glad that I did as it has given me the confidence to go on and do a PhD if I get the funding.

What is it that you makes you passionate about mathematics?

I have always struggled with other subjects when I was at school, particularly writing and so maths has been my safe haven. It's personal to know that you can do it. It's really challenging and that feeling that you have when you know that you can do it, that's what makes me passionate.

Have you got any advice for someone thinking of doing a Masters?

I would say go for it as it puts you ahead of other people who only have a degree in maths. You are proving that you do have that bit of extra skill which is great.

What would you say to another student thinking of coming to Leeds?

I would say definitely choose Leeds. If you are unsure whether to go for a campus or a city university, then Leeds is great because it offers you both aspects of that. It's got a city and it's got the real campus feel once you are inside the university. Also the Union is great as well and there's a good atmosphere in the University or outside in the city. So definitely choose Leeds.