Claire Keeble
MSc Statistics

Claire Keeble

What made you choose to do a Masters?

I really enjoyed studying at undergraduate level and so I decided to stay on and do a Masters with the intention of doing a PhD. I really enjoyed my undergraduate studies and wanted to learn more. I felt like I hadn't finished my learning and I would like to end up in research eventually and so this is the route to go down.

How are you finding a Masters compared to undergraduate degree?

The Masters is very similar to the final year of the undergraduate. In fact, you can take lots of the modules at either undergraduate or Masters level, so there is an overlap between them. The teaching has felt very much the same, there is a bit more independent work in your Masters but in terms of teaching it has been the same.

What are you going to be studying at PhD?

I am going to be studying part statistics and part epidemiology with the School of Medicine, so my Masters is now taking some modules from their course, partly because I have done some of the Masters modules last year and partly because that's the route I am going down in preparation for next year.

How have you found the teaching?

Brilliant. All the lecturers are really friendly, the notes they give in lectures are adequate so you don't need to do any outside reading as they fully explained. They are all approachable and so if you are stuck on anything you feel that you can ask them anything. So yes I am very happy with the teaching.

What is it that makes you passionate about the subject you study?

I find it interesting The Maths itself is useful but I personally find the applications to it because you can see how it is being used in the real world. So I find it quite interesting to see how it can make changes in other areas like medicine or business.

How would you describe student life for students at Leeds?

Fun. The Union is brilliant, it's got lots of different activities and social clubs which means that there is something different for everyone. The nightlife at the Union is great with lots of clubs and there are lots of different ways to get involved with the Union and improve anything which aren't happy with. So, you can choose to vote to improve it and so I think that it is what the students want.

What do you like best about your School?

It's a very friendly atmosphere and the students, staff and admin staff generally are friendly and very helpful. It's just a welcoming atmosphere around the School.

How about social activities, have you been involved in anything?

I have joined the gym and attended dance classes, which were fun. It was street dance and I am not too co-ordinated but it was fun and I hadn't done anything like that before.

What would you say to other students thinking of coming to Leeds University?

Prepare for your course if you can. If there's anything that you have not studied previously then have a look at that. That's pretty much it as you are guided through everything and so you don't need to watch out for anything. It's all very well set out.