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Chemically purified salts for analytical chemistry: black sodium permanganate, white zinc sulfate, orange potassium dichromate, green nickel chloride, blue copper sulfate, brown cobalt sulfate.

Dr Kuhan Chandru (UCT Prague) will offer a seminar in Inorganic Chemistry.

Two female and one male researchers in the lab

The Centres for Doctoral Training bring together diverse areas of expertise in order to train researchers to address engineering and science-related problems.

Professor Chris Willis, University of Bristol Part of the Organic Seminar Series

Dr Steffen Woltering, University of Oxford Part of the Organic Seminar Series

Dr Rama Suntharalingam, University of Leicester. Part of Inorganic Research Seminars.

Professor Sergey A Piletsky from the Department of Chemistry, University of Leicester, is giving a talk about his research.

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