SCAPE Seminar – Dr Arash Rabbani

Please join us for our latest SCAPE guest colloquium, which will be hosted by the School's Modelling & Data Analytics research group. 

Dr Arash Rabbani, Lecturer from the School of Computing will give a stimulating seminar from 4pm-5pm on Wednesday 9 November, in SCAPE Lecture Theatre B (1.06, Engineering Building). 

Abstract: Direct numerical modelling techniques such as finite elements, finite volume, and Lattice Boltzmann are valuable tools to simulate and understand fluid flow behaviour in porous media and capillary channels.

However, due to the high computational cost of these methods, size of the simulated geometries is strictly controlled by the available resources, especially when dealing with multi-physical phenomena.

Data-driven techniques such as machine learning can help to reduce computational costs significantly without causing noticeable loss in accuracy. In this talk, I will share the results of a few published works on how to harness the power of machine learning for porous material research.