Dr Andrew J Lee


I am currently a weaver of DNA and nanoscale filmaker in the Bioelectronics group. I develop nanostructures that are self assembled from DNA molecules to template, control and study a variety of single biological entities and inorganic processes.

I have a background in molecular biology, but took a tangent into bionanotechnology and molecular scale assemblies with my MSc and PhD. The focus of my PhD research was to study the functions of the recombination enzyme, RecA, using atomic force microscopy (AFM) to further its use in synthetic biology and bionanotechnological applications. Here we developed several approches to studying the interactions of enzymes with DNA under the AFM, including the integration of DNA origami as reference structures. Following on from my PhD, I have further extended the use of DNA origami to study several different systems with high speed AFM and perpetuated the use of DNA-based nanostructures across the University with colaborations in Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Research interests

My current research interests include:

  • DNA-based carriers for nanopore biosensing applications
  • DNA-templated crystalisation of bespoke nano & microscale structures
  • Re-constructing mutli-component biological pathways within DNA-based reference structures for interrogation with high speed atomic force microscopy
  • Development of an DNA-templated multi-enzyme array for enhanced cellulose digestion – an artificial Cellulosome


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  • BSc (Hons) - Biology, University of Leeds, 2011
  • MSc - Molecular Scale Engineering, University of Leeds, 2013
  • PhD - Bionanotechnology & Biophysics

Professional memberships

  • Bragg Centre Member

Research groups and institutes

  • Pollard Institute