Dr Lianhe Li

Dr Lianhe Li


Dr. Li received his PhD degree from Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 2001. From 2001 to 2003, he was with the Laboratoire de Photonique et des Nanostructures (CNRS), France, where his research interests focused on MBE growth and characterization of low bandgap GaAs-based III-V diluted nitride materials and devices. In 2003, he joined Institute of Photonics and Quantum Electronics, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland), working on InAs quantum dots (QD) for 1.3-um wavelength semiconductor lasers, superluminescence light emitting diodes (SLEDs) and single photon devices. Since 2008, he has been with the school of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Leeds (UK), working on the III-V semiconductor optoelectronic materials and devices (GaAs-, InP- and Sb-based) for mid-infrared and THz wave generation/detection with particular emphasis on quantum cascade lasers (QCLs), quantum cascade detectors (QCDs), quantum well infrared photodetectors (QWIPs), and type-II InAs/GaSb quantum well and superlattice. 

His works are highlighted by the demonstrations of recording high power THz QCL with output >1W; Broadband heterogeneous THz QCLs; Electrically pumped topological laser with valley edge modes; Photonic quasi-crystal THz lasers; surface emitting THz QCL with efficient power extraction; THz QCLs with spoof surface plasmon collimatorsFully phase-stabilized QCL frequency comb; P-type GaAs/AlGaAs photodetectors with tunable hot carrier detection beyond the bandgap spectral limit; 9-um-wavelength QWIP and GHz-frequency heterodyne receivers operating at room-temperature; room temperature operation of 5-um InGaAs/InAlAs QCDs, 9-um GaAs/AlGaAs QCDs and 7.5-um InGaAs/InAlAs QCLs; the first GaAs-based 1.5-um wavelength GaInNAsSb quantum well laser; 1.3-um semiconductor QD lasers, SLEDs and single photon emitters.

Research interests

  • Molecular Beam Epitaxy of semiconductor optoelectronic materials and devices
  • Ultra-High Vacuum
  • Low dimensional semiconductor materials and devices
  • THz and Mid-IR Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs);
  • THz and Mid-IR Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors (QWIPs);
  • Mid-IR Quantum Cascade Detectors (QCDs);
  • Mid-IR Interband Cascade Lasers (ICLs);
  • Quantum Dot Semiconductor Lasers, Superluminescence Light Emitting Diodes, Amplifier and Single Photon Emitters
  • LT-GaAs for Terahertz frequency wave generation;
  • High-Electron-Mobility Transistor (HEMT);
  • Type-II InAs/GaSb superlattice detectors;
  • …………….


<h4>Research projects</h4> <p>Any research projects I'm currently working on will be listed below. Our list of all <a href="https://eps.leeds.ac.uk/dir/research-projects">research projects</a> allows you to view and search the full list of projects in the faculty.</p>


  • Ultra-High Vacuum and Cryogenics
  • Molecular Beam Epitaxy
  • Semiconductor optoelectronic materials and devices
  • Characterization of low dimensional semiconductor materials and devices
  • Device Fabrication

Research groups and institutes

  • Pollard Institute
  • Terahertz electronics and photonics