Dr Li Zhang

Research interests

Dr Li Zhang is currently the associate editor for the following International Journals:

IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics

IET Proceedings on Power Electronics

Current research areas:

Power Converters for Power System Applications
The work focuses on developing advanced converter topologies, and their modulation and control methods for medium to high-power applications.  Recent development focuses on Modular Multilevel Cascaded Converters, Matrix Converters.

Flexible AC Transmission Systems Devices (FACTS) for Smart Grid
Noval control methods for FACTS devices such as STATCOM, UPFC and IPFC. Developing advanced PLL and filtering techniques. Recent work has led to the development of new optimal control and phase locking algorithms for UPFCs. A prototype active power filter using a four-limb flying capacitor multilevel converter.

Control of Islanded Micro Grid
Developing control schemes for STATCOM with energy storage components for both active and reactive power compensation in ialanded micro grid. 

Module-Integrated Photovoltaic and Converter Units
Module–integrated PV and converter (MIPC) units have emerged as a promising technique for achieving maximum power generation for mismatched or partially shaded PV modules. The research investigates MIPC with different converter topologies and configurations and their control methods.

Recent Publications:

Chong, Benjamin V.P.; Zhang, Li; ─ćuk Step-Down Converter Design for Optimum Transient Performance and Minimum Ripple, Journal of Low Power Electronics, Volume 8, Number 5, December 2012 , pp. 642-653(12)

Imadedin Abdalla; Jasmin Corda; Li Zhang; Multilevel DC-Link Inverter and Control Algorithm to Overcome the PV Partial Shading, IEEE TRANSACTION ON POWER ELECTRONICS, VOL. 28, NO. 1, JANUARY 2013, P14-18
Zhang, Li; M.J. Waite; Benjamin Chong; Three-phase four-leg flying-capacitor multi-level inverter-based active power filter for unbalanced current operation, IET PROCEEDINGS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, VOL. 6, ISSUE 1, JANUARY 2013, ISSN 1755-45.

Benjamin Chong; Li Zhang; Controller Design for Integrated PV-Converter Modules under Partial Shading Conditions,  ELSEVIER Ltd, Solar Energy, 92(2013), JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL SOLAR ENERGY SOCIETY, ISSN: 0038-092X., P123-138.

Ikenna Bruce Efika; Li Zhang; An Overlapping Multi-Hexagon Space Vector Modulation Scheme for Modular Multilevel Cascade Converters, 15th European Conference on power Electronics and Application, September 2013, September, Lille, France .

C.J. Nwobu; L. Zhang; Lifting Wavelet Transform and Energy Operator Synchronization for a Flying Capacitor Multi-level Inverter Based Active Power Filter, 15th European Conference on power Electronics and Application, September 2013, September, Lille, France

Current PhD Researchers:

Ikenna Bruce Efika. (2010 -), Title of PhD Thesis: High Power Converters for Power System Applications.

C. J. Nwobu.(2012 -),  Title of PhD Thesis: FACTS Devices for Smart Grid.

Oghorada Oghenewvogaga (2013 -), Title of PhD Thesis: Modular Multilevel Converters for UPFC. 

Dr. Jinning Liu (2013 -): Post Doctoral Researcher, Control of a Micro Grid by STATCOM 

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Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Communication and Power Networks
  • Smart energy systems