Prof Andrew H. Kemp

Prof Andrew H. Kemp


I predominantly teach at the masters and PhD levels though increasingly much of my time is involved with the international collaboration we have established wth Southwest Jiaotong University based in Chengdu, China. I am the programme director for the Electronic and Electrical Engineering programme in this collaboration which is going very successfully.


  • Programme Director, (E&EE for SWJTU- Leeds Joint School)

Research interests

My focus is on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). I am exploring the following issues in this context.

  • Multipath propagation in difficult environments, particularly with respect to the relationship between delay spread and irreducible BER.
  • Quality of Service issues related to mixed wired and wireless Internet with current and future traffic profiles.
  • Quality of Service routing algorithms for the future Internet.
  • Provision of pervasive knowledge of location especially in the context of sensor networks.
  • Investigation into the impact of multipath propagation on ranging for positioning systems.
  • Routing algorithms for WSNs.
  • Resource efficient routing for IoT application.
  • Cryptographic security in relation to WSNs and IoT.
  • Developing systems for sensing the Indoor Air Quality in buidings so as to protect the population against COVID19 types of outbreaks.

These items link into IRASS research groups of Sensors and IoT.

Current research students working with me:

  • Bo Peng; worked on QoS routing algorithms improving QoS provision on the internet. Work on an EPSRC funded project to provide location of nodes in large Bluetooth networks. Now investigating the impact of stale or inaccurate information for geographical based routing algorithms. (Now achieved his PhD).
  • Peng Wang; worked on QoS across 802.11 and 802.16 networks. (Now achieved his PhD).
  • Nimbe Ewald; worked on improved transport/cross layer protocols to better suit multimedia traffic over hetrogeneous Internet. (Now achieved her PhD).
  • Alaa Abunjaileh; worked on antenna aspects UWB communications. (Now achieved his PhD).
  • Sana Arisar developed new security algorithms localization information for WSNs. (Now achieved her PhD).
  • Hemat Maheshwari; investigaged data dissemination across WSNs with localization. (Now achieved his PhD).
  • Imtiaz Rasool; explored the realationship between multipath propagation and localization accuracy. (Now achieved his PhD).
  • Gabriel Tudorache investigated MESH networking aspects and IEEE802.15.5 (Now achieved his PhD).
  • Ana-Maria Poppescu investigated Geographic routing applied to varying node distributions.(Now achieved her PhD).
  • Naveed Salman developed novel enhancements of localization in the context of mulitplicative and additive noise models. (Now achieved his PhD).
  • Yaarob Al-Nidawi investigated IoT routing and security for IoT (Now achieved his PhD).
  • Hayder Al-Khashoash is looking at congestion control in the context of WSNs and 6LoWPAN networks.
  • Harith Yayah is working on Mobile RPL operation especially in the context of Vehicular networks.

Other students are shortly to join the group.

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  • BSc
  • PhD

Professional memberships

  • FIET
  • FHEA
  • CEng

Student education

Level-5 modules in aspects of Communication protocols; use of interactive communications technology within lectures; and final year projects for students.

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Sensing
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