School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering International Masters Excellence Scholarships

How to apply

Please complete the online application.

How are the scholarships awarded?

Scholarships will be awarded to particularly deserving applicants. This is a competitive process and not all applications will be successful.

To be eligible to apply:

Selection criteria

Our admissions team will select the strongest applications taking into account the following:

  • Have achieved or on track to achieve a first class degree or equivalent qualification, based on the criteria used by the School for offer purposes

  • Professional and personal skills evidenced through work experience and/or extracurricular activities

  • A clear rationale for applying to study at the University of Leeds and how it fits their future ambitions and goals

All deadlines are 23:59 UK time

Successful applicants can expect to be notified of their scholarship by 3 June 2022

We recommend to make your application for the relevant Masters course as early as possible if you wish to be considered for this scholarship.


  • The scholarship can be awarded in conjunction with other University of Leeds scholarships

  • The scholarship will take the form of a tuition fee reduction

  • Excludes online courses

  • Successful applicants must accept their scholarship within two weeks of receiving the scholarship offer by 17 June 2022

Number of scholarships available


Year of entry


Internal or external

Internal (funded by the University of Leeds)