ACS Green Chemistry Institute Poster award

Alison McCorry received the ACS Green Chemistry Institute Poster award.

Postgraduate student Alison McCorry from the Bao Nguyen Research Group was awarded the ACS Green Chemistry Institute (ACS GCI) Poster award at the recent 25th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference, which was held virtually between 14 – 18th June 2021.

Alison joined the research group in 2019 and is currently pursuing her PhD, focusing on developing a toolkit for application of ‘micellar catalysis’ to high value chemical manufacture. Alison said, “The project specifically involves research into surfactant selection and water recycling. The poster I presented demonstrates the work we have done so far in regard to surfactant selection.”

Annual green chemistry conference poster by Alison McCorry

“This was my first ever conference so it was an exciting experience to be able to present my work to the scientific community. I had the opportunity to attend talks throughout the week as well as a workshop on Effectively Communicating Science prior to the conference. There was a rather interesting talk by Fabrice Gallou of Novartis Pharma on strategies to tackle waste water when using surfactants which I found very beneficial as it was very relevant to my research.”

The prize was very unexpected this being the first conference I'd ever submitted any research to. I was so delighted and grateful to have my work acknowledged among such a diverse display of green chemistry. It has given me more confidence to submit my research to further conferences.

Alison McCorry

Dr Bao Nguyen added, “The ACS Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference is one of the largest conferences in green chemistry in the world. Being recognised with an award is a testament the quality and relevance of our research. Alison deserves praises for the work she has put into research project and into communicating it to the audience of the conference.”

Alison deserves praises for the work she has put into research project.

Dr Bao Nguyen

The ACS GCI is a world leader in advocating the implementation of sustainable and green chemistry and engineering into the global chemical enterprise. The annual conference is the longest-running conference dedicated to green chemistry and engineering. This year’s virtual conference welcomed over 1300 people from 55 countries around the world, with five days of live sessions, poster presentations and online networking opportunities.