Year one and two

Female undergraduate student working on pipes in chemical engineering teaching lab

Year one

In year one, you’ll participate in an introductory group project, which will form part of your coursework. This project is concerned with the design of processing plants, which is a major aspect of all process-based engineering. 

You’ll research and review different aspects of the manufacture of a specific commodity chemical including:

  • the different process routes available to the group and the selection of a specific process
  • the construction of a process flow diagram
  • the chemistry involved in the process
  • the unit operations used on the manufacturing plant
  • the sources and properties of the raw materials
  • the uses and applications of the product
  • the health and safety, environmental and ethical issues associated with the manufacturing of the chemical
  • the economics of the process.

​Year two

In year two, you’ll work on a mini team project which is a simplified version of an industrial process that you may meet in a real-life situation as a Chemical Engineer.

You’ll learn to balance a chemical process which usually includes a recycle and a purge, and then calculate the energy balance across a reactor. After designing a heat exchanger, you’ll calculate the pressure drops across and the piping to help you produce a pump and its motor. 

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