Leeds CDT Fluid Dynamics Symposium 2024

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Fluid Dynamics is pleased to announce the Leeds Fluid Dynamics Symposium 2024 will take place on Thursday 13 June 2024.

This annual event aims to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange within the fluid dynamics community, spanning both academic and industrial sectors.

Keynote addresses

Dea Wangsawijaya (University of Southampton)

Investigation of high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layers under non-equilibrium conditions

Lee Nissim (University of Bath)

Numerical modelling of Protein Aggregation Lubrication in synovial joints

Suzanne Fielding (Durham University)

Modelling the rheology of biological tissue

Richard Hewitt (University of Manchester)

Katabatic flows: an asymptotic view

There will also be a series of shorter presentations from the Leeds ECR community, alongside a lunchtime poster session for early-stage career researchers.

Poster abstract submissions

Early career researchers interested in submitting a poster abstract should email fluid-dynamics@leeds.ac.uk with a submission by Friday 24 May 2024. The abstract should not exceed 250 words and include the title, author’s name, affiliation and contact information. Submissions should encompass topics related to fluid dynamics, reflecting the symposium's tradition of covering a broad range of subjects.


Read the day’s run of events at the LIFD website.

Register to attend

You can register to attend the Leeds Fluid Dynamics Symposium 2024 by filling in this form.