Materials Characterisation Guest Seminar: Industrial Research at Johnson Matthey and Where A Microscopist Fits In

The School of Chemical & Process Engineering seminar series invites guest speakers on the first Wednesday of each month and are hosted by one of the School's twelve research groups.

Speaker: Dr Angela Goode, Advanced Characterisation Group at Johnson Matthey PLC

After a nine-year stint at Imperial College London (PhD, postdoc and research fellowship) based around correlative electron and X-ray micro-spectroscopies, Angela joined the Advanced Characterisation Group at Johnson Matthey in 2018. In her talk, she will aim to give an overview of the wide-ranging research that goes on in this multinational speciality chemicals company, with a focus on the role that electron microscopy plays in these research efforts.

This talk is part of the School of Chemical & Process Engineering 2019/20 Seminar Series