Undergraduate student wins University of Leeds Beaumont Award

Congratulations to Sanna Khan, Chemical Engineering MEng BEng, who was a winner of the 2021 University of Leeds Beaumont Awards.

The University of Leeds Beaumont Award recognises undergraduate research in the areas of Biological, Environmental and Physical Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Health. Typically submissions are final year projects, research projects, or related to internships.

Sanna's project focused on passive radiative cooling (PRC) – an environmentally-friendly alternative to energy intensive cooling systems that requires no energy input.

Sanna said: “I'm really happy and proud of this achievement. I really want to thank Gin Jose and Eric Kumi-Barimah for their support and guidance, and making me believe that I could win. Thank you so much once again, you have been an amazing supervisor”.

The University of Leeds Beaumont Award is inspired by the work of Michael Faraday and is sponsored by Professor Adam Beaumont

For more information and to see the full list of winners, read the article on the Leeds Alumni website