Zhiwen Tao

Zhiwen Tao

How has your time at Leeds helped you in your career so far?

The University of Leeds is on the list of Shell's recognised universities, so my Master’s degree made my CV very attractive when I applied to work at Shell. I was accepted onto the graduate program in 2013 and my first position was OEM Key Account Manager in the Lubricant Sales Department. In this role, I maintained relationships with key customers and traced product orders and supply. I also developed new cooperation projects with key account holders and new customers, while providing them with technical advice.

My favourite aspects of the course at Leeds

My course mainly focused on studying pollution reduction and renewable energy – a relatively new scientific field. The technology delivered in class is the most advanced at the international level, and its taught by professors who are involved in some of the best research projects in the world. This opportunity helps give students new ideas, as much of the research has only happened at a lab-scale rather than being commercially announced. This motivated me to pursue research further because of the excitement that all of your study is full of uncertainty.

Leeds also really helped me develop my English language skills, which has ensured that I am proficient in English writing and speaking. This really helped me secure a position in a foreign enterprise. The multicultural experiences at Leeds helped me a lot in getting my job – particularly when doing the final interview, which involved both Chinese and international assessors. Also, I really appreciate the help that the University of Leeds Career Centre gave to me. They provided me with advice on my career plans and helped improve my CV.