Dr Girish Kale

Dr Girish Kale


My research career has been dedicated to research into advanced functional materials for electrochemical sensor technology ranging from ambient temperature to high temperature agressive environments such as combustion and metallurgical processes. The research involves both experimentation and theoretical analysis. My research has been supported by Government funding bodies and national as well as international industries. Main funding bodies include Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), Innovate UK, Department of Trade and Industry, Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering and European Commission. 

I have organised focussed research symposia in several international conferences in United States of America and Asia. My research output has been published in wide range of international journals related to Analytical Chemistry, Solid State Ionics, Materials Chemistry and, Materials Science and Engineering. I have authored 115 research articles in internationally peer reviewed journals and 75 conference presentations of which several have been as an Invited or Keynote speaker in international conferences in USA, Canada, Europe, Singapore, India and China. I am a Fellow of Institute of Materials, Metals and Minerals UK (IOM3), Member of Board of Review of Materials and Metallurgical Transactions B published by TMS (USA), Member of Executive Committee of Sensors Division of The Electrochemical Society (USA), Member of Executive Committee of Materials Chemistry Committee (IOM3).         


  • Postgraduate Research Tutor

Research interests

My current research interests are focused in the areas of functional materials for designing and testing electrochemical sensors and biosensors for in vivo or in vitro analysis of target species; understanding materials compatibility in service conditions; materials and devices for energy applications; electrochemical corrosion; nanomaterials synthesis, characterisation and applications; phase equilibrium and thermodynamics; solid state electrochemistry and ionic conductors. Research work involves fabrication, characterisation, testing and analysis of the responses of materials to various stimuli in controlled environments in laboratory through experiment and modelling.

Some of the ongoing projects involve (1) design of environmentally friendly materials for novel high temperature refractories for high temperature application in harsh and corrosive environments followed by testing and modelling corrosion behaviour in dynamic process conditions. (2) Synthesis and characterisation of sensing materials for design and testing of multi-layer planar gas sensor and sensors integration technologies. (3) Development of novel sensing material and sensor manufacturing technologies for the measurement of multiphase flows in oil and gas industries. (4) Development of sensing and electrochemical technologies for process monitoring and materials processing. (5) Novel processes for high throughput synthesis of nanoparticular materials for solid-state devices such as batteries, fuel cells and sensors.  The research work is funded by EPSRC, TSB, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society, British Council, European Commission, International Federation of Industries and Commerce and UK/EU Industries.

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  • PhD (IISc Bangalore, India)

Professional memberships

  • Fellow of Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3)
  • The Electrochemical Society (USA)
  • The American Ceramic Society
  • The Metallurgical Society (USA)
  • Executive Committee Member of Sensors Division of The Electrochemical Society (USA)
  • Executive Committee Member of Materials Chemistry Committee of IOM3

Student education

I am a passionate educator and have contributed widely at all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning activities over two decades at Leeds. In order to deliver my teaching programme effectively and efficiently I have employed different types of electronic media in my teaching and learning methods. My teaching has encompassed areas such as functional materials, biomaterials, materials performance in agressive environments and, extraction and processing of metals and end-of-life products.

Research groups and institutes

  • Applied Photon Science
  • Complex Systems and Processes
  • Functional Materials

Current postgraduate researchers

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