Dr Ali Hassanpour

Dr Ali Hassanpour


  • Programme Manager, MEng, BEng Chemical Engineering; MEng, BEng Chemical and Energy Engineering;
  • Leader of Complex Systems and Processes Research Group

Research interests

  • Distinct Element Method (DEM) and coupling with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of the granular media in order to relate bulk behaviour to single particle properties
  • Mechanical characterisation of particles: Measurement of hardness, Young's modulus, yield stress, fracture toughness, size, density and porosity
  • Size reduction: Breakage and attrition of the particles (during milling, impact, bulk compression, shear deformation and fluidisation) and study of its relationship with single particle properties
  • Compression behaviour of the bulk particles (in terms of deformation, compaction, crushing) and its relationship with single particle properties
  • Flowability of powders: Measurement of flow factor by annular shear cell and unconfined yield stress and establishing its relationship with single particle properties
  • Size enlargement: Granulation of powders, including wet granulation in high shear mixers, modelling and scale-up of high shear mixer granulators
  • Dispersion of powders: For the application of dry system size analysis, and dry powder inhaler
  • Electrostatics effects on powders: Tribo-electrification of pharmaceutical powders, segregation of formulated bulk powders due to electrostatic effects
  • Deformation, break-up and coalescence behaviour of drops under electric field

Research groups and institutes

  • Complex Systems and Processes
  • Energy Leeds
  • Clean Combustion
  • Functional Materials
  • Industrial Biotechnology and Bio-waste
  • Sustainable Low Carbon Futures
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