Currently I am working as a postdoc in Paul Seakins group on the UNFOGs project. ‘Understanding Formaldehyde and Glyoxal Chemistry for Satellite Measurements’ (UNFOGS) is designed to help the community extract information from new high resolution satellites that will be launched in the near future to study air quality. Satellites have poor detection limits for primary VOC emissions, but can detect the important oxidation products formaldehyde and glyoxal. The experimental aims of the project are to study the oxidation of primary VOCs in the Highly Instrumented Reactor for Atmospheric Chemistry (HIRAC) simulation chamber and measure the ratios of formaldeyde to glyoxal produced. Alongside this the oxidation of formaldehyde and glyoxal by the hydroxal radical, will be studied across a range of atmospheric temperatures.

Before my current role completed my PhD in 2019, funded through the Leeds/York NERC DTP. The aim of the project was to develop an instrument to measure atmospheric nitrous acid which can then be linked to an aerosol flow tube in order to determine whether reactions on aerosol surfaces are a possible source of nitrous acid (HONO).

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