Casey Kavaliauskas


I completed my Integrated Masters in Chemistry in 2021, obtaining a 1st class degree from the University of Leeds. My Masters project focused on astrochemistry, specifically completing ab initio calculations to study the reaction of CH + OCS within the interstellar medium as a part of the Lehman research group. The summer after graduating I completed a 2 month summer internship at C-Capture Ltd. (founded by Prof. Chris Rayner) assisting within the research laboratory, helping to study C-Capture’s CO2 capture solvent. 

Research interests

My main research interest lies in environmental chemistry, specifically carbon capture and storage. I want to aid in the battle against climate change by helping to smooth the transition from carbon-based fuels to renewables, by assisting in developing CO2 capture solvents that will reduce the amount of this greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere. 


  • MChem, BSc Chemistry (Hons)