Jonathan Dolan


Jonathan graduated from Keele University with a First class MChem in Summer 2017. During his time at Keele, he completed a 3rd year project with Dr Matthew O'Brien entitled "Continuous Flow Iodination of Enaminones using a Dynamic Computer Controlled Liquid-Liquid Separation System" and a 4th Year masters project with Dr Gavin Miller entitled "The Chemical Synthesis of GDP-α-D-ManUA from D-Mannose." 

Jonathan moved to Leeds in September 2017 to begin a PhD with Prof. Bruce Turnbull on Developing synthetic strategies to producing carbohydrate vaccines supported by Iceni Diagnostics, Norwich in a BBSRC case award studentship.

1) O'Brien M; Cooper D; Dolan J (2017). Continuous flow iodination using an automated computer-vision controlled liquid-liquid extraction system. Tetrahedron Letters, 58 (9), pp. 829-834.


  • MChem (Keele University)