Shane M. Daly

Shane M. Daly


Shane is currently a PhD student in John Plane’s Planetary Atmospheres Group at the University of Leeds since October 2016.

He completed his BSc (Chemistry) and MSc (Atmospheric Chemistry) at University College Cork. While there, his research was focused on monitoring bioaerosols using the Wideband Integrated Bioaerosol Sensor (WIBS) as well as measuring marine iodine emission at a coastal location through the use of the WIBS. Both projects were carried out in the Centre for Research into Atmospheric Chemistry (CRAC) lab.


Research interests

Mesosphere/ Lower Thermosphere (MLT)

Cosmic dust


LIDAR observations


Marine iodine chemistry

Particle measurements


  • BSc (Honours) Chemistry - University College Cork
  • MSc (Research) Atmospheric Chemistry - University College Cork