Anna Polyakova
MSc Chemical Biology

Anna Polyakova

Why did you decide to do your Masters at the University of Leeds?

I am pursuing the Chemical Biology MSc programme because I did my bachelor degree in chemistry in Gothenburg, Sweden, and was very interested in biochemistry. For my masters degree, I wanted to get international experience, get a bit more up to date with current research and expand my knowledge so I chose this very unique course, one of the few in Europe. Chemical Biology appealed to me because it’s very interdisciplinary and had everything I was looking for. Also, the Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology, where I would be doing a large 90 credit project, really appealed to me. 

How do you find life as an international student here at Leeds?

I think that they have an amazing support system for all students which is quite new to me. So, if you have a problem, you can really get help. There are also a lot of activities and events, which is fantastic.

What do you like best about the School of Chemistry?

The atmosphere amongst the students and tutors. I feel very welcomed, it’s a very welcoming atmosphere and people seem to be really passionate about their work and are keen to teach and to help you, regardless whether you have academic questions or personal questions.

Have you become involved in any sports or societies?

I have started indoor climbing at the University climbing wall, in The Edge.

What are thinking of dong at the end of the year?

Right now I am applying for PhDs in the UK and Germany.

What would you say to other students thinking of doing an MSc in Chemical Biology?

Do it; if you want an interdisciplinary degree and if you want exposure to the current research then it’s the way to go. It feels like this is a very good foundation whether you want to go into academia or if you want to go into industry, I think it’s very valuable for both of those paths.