Conor Dougen

Conor Dougen


I graduated from Loughborough University with 1st Class Hons in Medicinal and pharmaceutical Chemistry. During my time at Loughborough I completed 3 research projects including; Developing methods to detect pesticide residues in food products via HPLC, Synthesising and testing novel β-Lactams via Staudinger Ketene-imine cycloadditions and my MChem project working under supervision of Dr George Weaver - Synthesising fluorinated benzothiazoles as anti-trypanosomiasis agents. I joined the University of Leeds for my PhD under the supervision of Prof Richard Bourne and Prof Steve Marsden where my research focus is in Automated Chemical Synthesis and reaction optimisation, using machine learning algorithms on a custom built reactor platform.

When I am not in the lab I’m most likely found in the gym or behind a drum kit.

Research interests

My current research projects are;

  1. Palladium- and Nickel-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions
  2. Nitrone synthesis for [3+2] nitrone-olefin cycloadditions



  • Master of Chemistry (1st Class HONS)

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute for Process Research and Development