Ashley Victoria


I initially studied Chemical Engineering and Textiles Technology at the University of Leeds, after which I worked as a fashion designer for several years, designing clothing for the UK and international markets. I have always had a strong interest in sustainability, and became increasingly aware of the challenges faced by the fashion industry to operate responsibly and reduce the impacts of their products. For many consumer products industries, this is not easy. I am incredibly passionate about working to create real, and long-term solutions to sustainability issues within industries such as textiles, fashion, and other consumer products, and the commercialization of innovative science to achieve this.

Research interests

I’m looking into the development of all-cellulose composites using end-of-life textiles and understanding the structure-property relationships of such materials. As a designer, I am fascinated by the structures of fabrics, and how different weaves can be used in clothing to give a different look, or feel. I’m keen to understand how this dynamic translates to non-textile materials. I’m keen to look at ways to reduce textile waste, and develop functional, recyclable materials that could replace those that are difficult to recycle. The concept of open-loop product development systems is of interest to me, and the importance of considering the commercial feasibility for novel technologies.


  • MEng (hons) Chemical Engineering
  • MSc (hons) Advanced Textiles & Performance Clothing
  • FdA Fashion Design Technology