Originally a chemist who studied at a the University of Central Lancashire who specialised in organic chemistry for my undergraduate research project looked at producing a photoactice dye that combine the photodynamic therapy with the detection capabilites of a cyanine dye acheiving a 2:1 in the process. During this I applied to Leeds university to do a taught masters in chemical and process engineering in which I did a research project on producing controlled calcium carbonate microparticles in a bubble reactor acheiving a merit. During this research I got extremely into the project and told my supervisor about an interest in keeping this project going. After I finished my masters I briefly went into management in a civil engineering firm that specialised in road repair in Bristol before starting a PhD continueing my masters work in febuary 2018.

Research interests

PDT compounds

Organic synthesis


Gas-liquid reactors

Carbon dioxide minerialisation

Particle formation mechanisms


  • BSc(hons) Chemistry
  • MSc Chemical and Process Engineering