Scott Wiseman


I graduated in 2018 for the Univeristy of Leeds having studied MNatSc Natural Sciences, majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Maths. I completed my master's project in Low Temperature Combustion Kinetic of Ethers which utilised laser flash photolyis and laser induced fluorescence techniques to study the radical reactions of the ether fuel with the OH radical. I also completed an industrial placement at Lubrizol working in their additives sector mainly working on lubricant and fuel additive testing. 

Research interests

My reserach aims to determine how a blend of biofuel components as an increasing percentage of diesel will affect the performance of this fuels. My work should also generate data for the optimization of biofuel/conventional fuel formulations for drop-in deployment with clean and efficient utilisation, the minimisation of greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions, and the associated production costs of these fuels. I will be using a combination of computational aprroaches to model the fuel’s combustion and engine testing to experimentally determine the emissions and the performance.


  • MNatSc BSc Natural Sciences (Industrial Experience)