Mohamed Garum

Mohamed Garum


Mohamed holds a First Class bachelor of science in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Tripoli -Libya  in 2014 and an MSc in Information and Communication Technology Management from Cardiff University- Cardiff in 2017. Besides, he worked with Harouge and AKAKUS oil operations companies in the area of crude oil and estimation of reserves . He is currently doing a PhD study in the area of Petroleum Engineering in the Chemical and Process Engineering at University of Leeds.

Research interests

Unconventional Reservoirs
Shale Gas and Shale Oil

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
Gas Injection
Nanotechnology in Enhanced Oil Recovery
Green Technology in Enhanced Oil Recovery
Design and Construction of EOR Lab Equipment
Effect of Ultrasonic Waves on EOR Processes
Heavy Oil Recovery


  • BSc in ┬áPetroleum Engineering
  • MSc in Information and Communication Technology Management
  • PhD researcher in Petroleum Engineering