Alastair Tonge


Studied Chemical Engineering at the Univeristy of Leeds for 4 years to attain his MEng and continued his studies at Leeds at PhD level funded by Sellafield Ltd. to aid in the characterisation and cleanup of nuclear legacy wastes present in pile fuel and MAGNOX storage ponds at Sellafield in order to more effciently process and encapsulate the waste before it enters a geological disposal facility.

Research interests

Previously took part in acoustic trials at NSG for a 4m long settling tank using a Focussed Beam Reflectance Measurement device to determine particle size in the system and its evolution over time. (Waste Management Conference Paper--

Determined the optimum floc dosage and dosage method for 4% w/w calcite system in a recirculated, 0.8m high calibration tank

Currently working on acoustically characterising glass particle suspensions in a calibration tank that I have constructed with a view to apply the same acoustic calibration process to flocculated calcite systems in the same tank at the optimum floc dosage determined by previous experiments within the tank.


  • MEng - Chemical Engineering (Leeds) 1st

Research groups and institutes

  • Nuclear Leeds