Charlotte Stead


I studied for my BA in Economics and German at Swansea University and have recently completed my MA in Transport Economics at Leeds University. Throughout my education I have been very fortunate to be exposed to many different areas including international trade, investment appraisal, translating, studying German literature, the role of regulation and environmental issues are just to name a few.

Research interests

My main research interests are in three areas:
- Transport- we use transport every day in our lives from going to work/school to having goods delivered to our houses. As most conventional vehicles are run on fossil fuels, this is a major concern and alternatives must be found, but at the right price which links in with my second area of interest.
- Economics- I am an economist and have been studying it for many years and am always interested in how I can apply my skills and knowledge in different areas.
- Developing countries- there were many international students in my department when I was studying for my MA and through talking to them about their countries, I became incredibly interested in the differences between nations