Ali Alazzawi

Ali Alazzawi


I joined the University of Leeds in 2022 to do my PhD in a project funded by EPSRC - Tailored Production and Utilisation of Sustainable Low Cost Lignocellulosic Advanced Biofuel Blends as Diesel and Petrol Substitutes: SusLABB.

My project is focusing on the biofuel synthesis (Well-to-Gate) from biomass and also the conduction of the environmental assessment under the supervision of the Dr Valerie DuPont and Professor Alison Tomlin.  

I had worked for 15 years in the oil and gas industry starting from process engineer then the head of the downstream studies department. 

Research interests

  • Process modelling
  • Economic evaluation
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Process integration
  • Production of the biofuel
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Renewable energy