Inga Kicior

Inga Kicior



I am a first year PhD student from Round 2 of InnovaXN programme, based at ESRF in Grenoble, France. You can find more information about the programme and my project by visiting the website:

I graduated from Material Engineering at the Faculty of Chemistry at Wrocław University of Science and Technology in February 2020. During my studies, I was working on barrier properties of sol-gel coatings based on aluminium isopropoxide, to reduce hydrogen permeation via polymer liners of high-pressure vessels. On the side, I was helping with projects about anticorrosion, bioactive and optical sol-gel coatings. In September 2021, I was awarded a Masters degree from the University of Sheffield, where I completed the Aerospace Materials course in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. My research project was about the mechanical properties and performance of titanium-based PVD coatings for the demanding environment of turbofan compressor blades.

Research interests

My research interests are focused on surface engineering and improving the sustainability of transport.

Currently moving from coatings to tribology studies, I am investigating methods that will allow for better understanding of tribolayer formation, using synchrotron radiation.

My other interests involve anticorrosion technology, sol-gel synthesis and materials for modern aerospace.


  • inżynier (BEng), Material Engineering (2020)
  • MSc(Eng), Aerospace Materials (2021)